SailTimer API

The SailTimer API™ receives the encrypted Bluetooth LE transmissions from your Wind Instrument.  It does some conversions and calculations with the data coming in, hands the wind data to another app for viewing, then runs quietly in the background.

There are two purposes for the API.  (1) We did the computer programming , so that each different app using the Wind Instrument would not have to.  (2) The Wind Instrument is opening the door to new features for sailboat navigation that have never been possible, like crowd-sourcing of real-time wind maps.  The API gives you the option to share your wind data with others in live wind maps.

Live wind maps are better than weather forecasts or GRIB simulations made hours or days ago far from where you are sailing.  You would never actually set your sail positions and tacks based on a weather forecast.  But what if you could see what the wind is like right now, from Wind Instruments on boats up ahead?  Rather than just relying on your own anemometer, you could adjust your tacking route using crowd-sourced wind maps to show where the winds are most favorable.  That has never been possible before.  The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is a connected device, and is setting new standards.  It is the first masthead anemometer to provide crowd-sourcing of wind data for live wind maps.  (This is optional with the Share button in the API, with good control of privacy and security – faq.)

For Android, get the API from Google Play:


For iOS, get the API from iTunes: Short YouTube demo of how to use the SailTimer API™ on iOS.


You can register at, and use the same log-in with the API.

Once you have the API, Other Apps lists chartplotter and performance apps that can connect to the API to display data transmitted from your Wind Instrument.



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