SailTimer API

The SailTimer API™ receives the encrypted Bluetooth LE transmissions from your Wind Instrument.  It does some conversions and calculations with the data coming in, hands the wind data to another app for viewing, then runs quietly in the background.

The API also gives you the option to share wind data with others in crowdsourced wind maps. Standard marine weather (GRIB) forecasts have poor resolution because they come from satellite imaging, not from actual wind measurements. They assume that the wind is the same everywhere within giant cells (which is not true). The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is the first masthead anemometer that allows you to connect to a network of wind sensors and the wind maps they have created. Our goal is to let you see wind zones up ahead and exactly how the wind flows around headlands and funnels into harbors, to plan your tacking route.  That has never been possible before.


For Android, get the API from Google Play. WMM model (March 2021 or later):
Earlier models:


For iOS, get the API from iTunes: Short YouTube demo of how to use the SailTimer API™ on iOS. *New API for WMM Wind Instrument is being submitted to app store this week (April 12 – 17), but will take a few days to appear. We’ll post the link here as soon as it is available.


You can register at, and use the same log-in with the API. Data from the Wind Instrument is encrypted and has good privacy protections (faq).

Once you have the API, Other Apps lists wind gauge, chartplotter and racing apps that can connect to the API to display data transmitted from your Wind Instrument.



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