Our staff are real humans who are expert navigators. Actual sailors. No call center workers who don’t use the products. Email is quick to send and keeps a record of any technical details. We usually respond in under 2 hours, especially during US east coast business hours.



SailTimer Inc. has electronics development and manufacturing facilities in North America and Asia. Senior programmers also work internationally from Europe and the Pacific Rim. Head office: St. Margaret’s Bay (Halifax), Nova Scotia, Canada.

We do not have a call center (which would only raise prices for you), and therefore do not have a public phone number. Please do not track down a number for our staff or owners in a search engine, from one of the sketchy companies that scrapes data from other sources and then invades your privacy by publishing it online. We get large numbers of new users in the app stores worldwide every day, so if you need assistance email is the fastest way.  :-)

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