SailTimer Wind Instrument™

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Solar-powered and wireless. Replaceable Battery.

This is the 2024 model based on the state-of-the-art World Magnetic Model (WMM) for precise wind direction worldwide. Announcement and new features here. If your boat has already been launched, you can even raise it on a halyard without lowering or climbing the mast, until you can get at the masthead.

Pre-order here. We are catching up on the waiting list and expect to have this new model in stock for next-day shipping in late May/early June. You will receive a FedEx tracking number when your package is on the way. Click here if you want to consider optional delivery a month earlier.

The home page has a short product summary and there is a list of features and innovations. The Wind Instrument RB™ was launched at the Miami Boat Show with an overview in the Strictly Sail boat show guide. See below for SailTimer reviews. The ingenious design of the battery nose cone is also illustrated in this YouTube overview.

The innovative design continues to improve in the 2024 model. It adds a metal clevis at the base of the carbon-fiber pointer for strength, reinforced seams and a new larger Bluetooth antenna.

We have prompt and friendly worldwide technical support at no cost, if any questions come up.

Accessories:  battery charger with LCD display, replacement batteryspecial mounting bracketsAir Link for NMEA wiring.


Includes:  Wind Instrument, quick-start instructions, marine-grade stainless steel 9″ (23 cm) Mounting Rod, four 3/4-inch #8 stainless steel screws, and four pairs of stainless #8 machine screws (3/4-inch) & lock nuts.  Battery comes with a full charge so you can start using it right away.

Payment can be made by major credit cards or Paypal. A receipt is emailed to you a few seconds after submitting your purchase. Your local currency may be displayed above depending on your country, or you can choose a currency standard like US dollars or euros and your credit card provider will convert to that automatically. (If you convert out of US dollars, the currency estimate above may not be exactly the same as the credit card/Paypal currency conversion in the shopping cart.)

A FedEx tracking number is emailed to you when your package goes out. We deliver to all countries and have very good FedEx rates because of our volumes. The shipping cost for your country will be shown once you enter your address. Ships from Canada. If you have any questions about duty or taxes for your country, please email. We always try to ship with FedEx for speed. But airmail may occasionally be used if FedEx has unexpected costs to your location or if you use a post box for your delivery address. Apologies for the higher delivery prices since spring 2022, with carriers encountering high fuel prices.

This Wind Instrument RB is compatable with the new Air Link 4™, but not with earlier Air Link models. If you have a GPS chartplotter or autopilot, you can get the wireless wind data to them on NMEA 2000 or 0183 wiring by adding the low-cost Air Link 4 (order here).

Only one promotional discount per purchase. Later sales cannot be applied to previous purchases. By ordering, you confirm that you agree with our fascinating License Agreement.

We are sailors too, and stand behind our products with easy returns and a 2-year warranty. The Wind Instrument RB has a small vertical design to make it difficult for seabirds to land on, and includes a lifetime warranty against damage from seabirds.

Additional information

Weight 1.54 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 7 in

19 reviews for SailTimer Wind Instrument™

  1. Jean-Claude DUVERGE (verified owner)

  2. Tom Snow

    I have used the product for two and a half years now. It has worked flawlessly. I had some issues with the app which turned out to be a navionics /garmin issue. But Sailtimer support helped me sort it out. I can’t wait for my Airlink to arrive.

  3. Jude

    My SailTimer is rock solid. It’s been up and running in 40MPH winds with gust to 60MPH. Happy to say those winds were clocked with the boat on the trailer in front of our camp. We took down the home weather unit since the SailTimer is our go to unit. Looking forward to the SailTimer Air Link being delivered.

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    Image #1 from Jude
    Image #2 from Jude
    Image #3 from Jude
  4. T DAVID Partridge (verified owner)

    Not installed yet. Unit came promptly. My third.

  5. Reon Heard (verified owner)

    Very prompt delivery. Yacht is only being launched next month.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Cecil Williams (verified owner)

    Excellent help in setting up the instrument..

  8. Customer Service (store manager)

    Dimitris, Thanks for your comments. We will contact you to sort out that app issue. Our technical support team provides prompt help worldwide at p.s. Solved: NMEA 0183 data did not like being transmitted to the app while the phone was set to a Greek keyboard.

  9. Dimitris S. (verified owner)

    The sailtimer wind instrument arrived well packed in almost 10 days at Athens Grecce and tested.
    i only have an issue. The sailtimer app wmm keep crushing on my samsung s10plus.

  10. Fred Overstreet (verified owner)

    I bought my unit a couple of months ago. While I had a couple of issues, including learning to use the unit and getting it to interface with my iPad (they discovered a bug that interfered with my iOS) but the support was top notch I must say, nobody is perfect but you guys have been awesome to deal with, from tech service throughout the issue to resolving it once the true issue was found. Thank you again!

  11. John E. (verified owner)

  12. Customer Service (store manager)

    Eduardo, Thanks for your comments! Don’t worry; the Wind Instrument comes with a lifetime warranty against damage from sea birds. This is noted on the order and warranty pages and was announced in the SailTimer newsletter a few years ago (

  13. Eduardo P. (verified owner)

    My initial thoughts of this device is that it’s almost too good to be true. It works fantastically yet it’s ridiculously cheap. Given that I have a rotating mast, my only other option for accurate wind data at the cockpit was to drop $2k on one of the other brands with a mast rotation sensor. This one does the same thing for 1/4 the price. The jury is still out on durability since I just got it, but time will tell. It does seem somewhat delicate but as long as I don’t sail in a hurricane and a bird doesn’t land on it, it should be fine. Super happy with the apps as well. I use mine with an old iPhone 6 Plus in a waterproof case as my dedicated chart plotter and wind data display (NMEA Sail and MID WiFi apps are awesome for this although I wish these were integrated into the SailTimer Charts app for IOS) and I’m able to replicate a $3500 system for $500. Not bad at all. Once the new Air Link is released I should be able to do even more. Bargains in the boating world are practically unicorns. This is one of the few. Great product!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Eduardo P.
  14. dennis reger (verified owner)

    fast delivery and great reply to my early questions

  15. Stewart Jeanes (verified owner)

    Recently received my SailTimer. It was packaged beautifully, and shipped promptly. Can’t wait to try it when my boat goes in the water next month.

  16. Customer Service (store manager)

    Joseph, Thanks for your comment. We know you are a longstanding customer and have had many emails with our Tech Support team. We have sent you some tips for using the new API-WMM app for iPad/iPhone along with your Android device.

  17. JOSEPH M. (verified owner)

    I would rather hear from other sailors because I’m not happy yet. Hoping that the iPhone app eventually comes around.

    Uploaded video(s):

  18. T David Partridge (verified owner)

    Mast unit works well. PAY ATTENTION to guidance on keeping battery charged. IOS apps work best. Originally bought the older AirLink unit to facilitate Android connectivity. In January I bought the revision 3 AirLink unit with expedited setup. Works great!

  19. Denis Vogel

    I have the Sailtimer unit. I had some issue with the software working. I had immediate response from Sailtimer support and all was resolved quickly. Great Job assisting me.

  20. john g. (verified owner)

    Used this instrument on a Rhodes19 this summer. I like how it performed and would recommend this device. Had one issue when removed at the end of the season. Somehow water got into the nose cone and damaged the connector on the instrument and battery. Sailtimer has agreed to send replacement parts. I will install using a dab of dielectric grease on the connector next season to help eliminate this problem in the future.

  21. Mark (verified owner)

    “I’ve had an excellent experience with SailTimer. The product arrived in a timely manner. They respond to questions very quickly and with clear information. In testing the SailTimer in my home I damaged the battery plug. SailTimer has graciously allowed me to return the product in spite of the damaged plug as long as I pay for the replacement battery. They have been more than fair in all of their dealings with me.”

  22. Beneteau sailor (verified owner)

    Looking forward to using it more with different apps. Seeing wind with Navionics charts in the SailTimer app is great.

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