SailTimer Wind Instrument RB

with Replaceable Battery


Wireless and solar-powered. Designed for sailboats: remains equally accurate when heeling over.

Comes with all mounting hardware needed. For boats of all sizes. Works with lots of great Android/iOS apps. Or use Air Link™ (below) for NMEA wiring to chartplotter/MFD. You can even raise it on a halyard without lowering or climbing the mast!

Innovations in this new model:  Carbon-fiber pointer arm to reduce weight, with battery inside the nose cone for counter-balance. New injection-molded tail. Ceramic miniature ball bearings to prevent corrosion. Transmission range of 280 feet (85m) for even the tallest masts.

Innovations & Technical Specs

The patented Wind Instrument sets a new standard for masthead anemometers.

YouTube Overview of New Design

Sailboat navigation for the wireless age.  More photos/video here.

SailTimer Air Link

Connects wireless and wired devices.

Receive Bluetooth transmissions from Wind Instrument and wire into your GPS chartplotter.  Send your NMEA 0183 data out on wifi to mobile apps.  You can even use it to check wind conditions on your boat online from home/office.

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