Extra Mounting Rod


Very handy if you want to leave one Mounting Rod securely mounted on your boat, but move the Wind Instrument home in the off-season or to another boat sometimes. The Mounting Rod is rigid marine-grade stainless steel, and is not bendy or whippy in spite of its height. This is not like a shampoo bottle that is churned out by the millions each year; this is custom-made for the Wind Instrument by hand. It has a sturdy foot welded on, 4 screw holes, and the loop part-way up in case you need to raise it using the cantilever method (above) at some point. The total height of the Wind Instrument on the Mounting Rod is 16.1 inches (41 cm). The Mounting Rod alone is 9 inches tall (22.8 cm).

Comes with a lock nut to tighten against the base of the Wind Instrument, and mounting hardware: four 3/4-inch #8 stainless steel Phillips screws, and four pairs of stainless #8 machine screws (3/4-inch) & lock nuts.

Additional information

Weight .187 lbs
Barcode GTIN



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