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Put along the bottom of the pointer, nose cone and tail. Provides a white glow to reflect light from below or in flashlight beam. Lets you easily see wind direction at night if not using electronics.


Industrial-grade 3M reflective tape. Also used on traffic signs. We considered using glow-in-the-dark tape, but it fades after a few hours.

0.188″ wide (4.8 mm) by 9.5″ (24 mm) total length. You can cut it to place where you want. In the photo it is on the body of the nose cone but not the cap. For the carbon-fiber pointer, you may want to cut a thin section of tape lengthwise (as in the photo), so that it adheres better to the curved tube.

Remove backing film layer to expose adhesive surface. Do not apply in cold weather. If Wind Instrument has been used outdoors, clean surfaces before application.

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Weight .17 lbs

2 reviews for Reflective Tape

  1. James (verified owner)

  2. Fred Overstreet (verified owner)

    Highly visible

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