Standoff for Masthead

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Rigid extension of 1/-4-inch thick (6.4 mm) aluminum. 16 inches long (406 mm), 1 inch wide (25 mm). If your masthead is crowded, or you want cleaner air for the Wind Instrument, extend this in front of the mast and mainsail. The hole pattern is the same as the foot of the Wind Instrument.

This was originally stainless steel, but is now rigid 6061 aluminum to reduce your weight aloft. If you don’t need the full length, slide it back on the masthead so only part is extending out, to minimize any flexing if the boat is bouncing. Some installers use a rule that 1/3 of the length should be over the masthead. Since it is aluminum, a good option is to drill extra holes to tighten it down at the edge of your particular masthead.

Includes 4 pairs of stainless steel #8 machine screws (5/8-inch) and lock nuts.

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Weight .392 lbs
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