Speedy Trailer Lights™ test draft w Soliloq


Ten years ago, SailTimer Inc. made the first-ever sailboat wind sensor that could transmit to smartphones/apps. Now we are moving some of the same wireless and sensing technology into DOT-approved LED trailer lights.

Trailer lights have hardly changed in 100 years; the wiring is time-consuming to install and not very reliable. A perfect target for wireless innovation. Speedy Trailer Lights™ solves those problems (patent pending). Just attach the left and right lights to the back of the trailer, and they’ll flash all turn signals, brake lights and tail lights while you are right there; no going back and forth to turn on different switches).

No need to dismantle your vehicle tail lights and wiring. No adapter to buy. No more deciphering large numbers of wires in your vehicle tail lights to connect to 4 wires on a trailer connector or transmitter. As we enter the era of electric cars and autonomous navigation, you do not need to connect any wires at all with these smart trailer lights.



For all types of boat trailers, camper trailers and work trailers.


You can buy low-cost boat trailer lights, but the quality can be amazingly bad. The example in this photo was rusty after only two trips down the boat ramp. Time to move trailer lights into the digital and wireless age. Speedy Trailer Lights™ are submersible, with an IP68 rating and no exposed metal at all.

There is a carbon-fiber battery pack inside the left and right lights, with the same type of rechargeable lithium battery cells as in many laptops and electric cars. The replaceable battery pack provides an estimated 30 hours of typical use between charges. Full details at the official launch, but we wanted to let you know that this exciting new technology is coming.

Submersible (IP68) on-switch and micro-USB charging socket.


Intrigued? Advance orders will get a discount over the later retail price. Join the no-obligation notification list in just 2 clicks. We often sell out with initial inventory for new electronics, and then there are waiting lists for months while our inventory catches up to demand.

This is a new product and perhaps a whole new category. So if you are interested in partnering or retailing, we’d be interested to hear from you. Or tell a friend who has a trailer.

Start your adventure early™.  Instead of 2+ hours trying to get trailer lights wired correctly, you could already be there, enjoying the outdoors.

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