Why sailors love the Wind Instrument

Below are some sample comments sent in from customers. At this link you also can see reviews of the SailTimer Wind Instrument.

I have had your SailTimer for 2 yrs now & love it… At the marina everyone is as impressed as I am.

I have alway been excited about this product. What the big guys charge for wind data is the only true piracy left in the western hemisphere.

I wouldn’t be ordering the new RB model without your EXCELLENT customer support over the last several years.

Thanks, I just finished a charter and the new wind cups on the Wind Instrument were working great. 

Your tech support is one of the things I most appreciate about SailTimer.

I was very happy to receive my SailTimer wind instrument a few weeks ago.  I marvel at your ingenuity and at the potential of this device.

Thanks for a quick reply. I love your product. Would always be willing to assist if you require it.

I have your 2nd generation wind instrument, and thank you for your innovations and invention for wind and navigation for sailboats. Received a replacement wind cup and all is fine.

I believe strongly in the TTD concept, which is ingenious and innovative.

My sailtimer wind instrument has been working fine these past few months since mounting on the mast. 

I’m very impressed with the customer support of your company. Fast and clear for all the answers. One of the best I ever had. 

My wind instrument just arrived and is running beautifully.

You guys are incredible.

I have been using the new Wind Instrument and it is working very well.

Working like a charm.

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