Extra Lithium LFP Battery

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Replacement lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery pack to go in nose cone of Wind Instrument RB.  Shrink-wrapped for extra safety and includes wiring to connector plug. Arrives charged 100%. Can also be put in our wall charger to charge up fast.


This is the only battery we recommend using in the Wind Instrument;  it is safe and extensively-tested.  The full battery specifications are listed on the Technical Specifications page.  Unlike standard NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, this battery has an exceptional range of operating temperatures for outdoor use, from near freezing to +85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees F).  With proper care and charging it also has an extremely low self-discharge rate, losing only 1% power per month when in storage, practically nothing.  LFP is a newer type of lithium battery, with a longer lifespan of charge cycles than other lithium batteries (and far longer than traditional lead-acid rechargeable batteries).

We do not recommend using other batteries as replacements because single-cell lithium batteries are sometimes poorly specified by their manufacturers.  Also the origin country and manufacturer may not be clear, which makes it difficult to establish safety levels.   Single-cell batteries have no safety circuits built in, and can have wildly varying degrees of manufacturing tolerances.  That can lead to batteries that go dead for no reason, or dangerous flaws such as explosions or fires in some cases.  That’s why it is best to use our battery, and why use of other batteries voids the warranty on your Wind Instrument.

The battery above comes with the connector wires for an easy replacement.  You should not attempt to solder wires onto a battery yourself, since the heat to melt the solder raises the temperature in the cell above specified levels and can damage the battery. There is a tiny bump on one side of the white connector to latch it closed.  Be careful to get the prongs in the holes when pushing it gently into the socket, so you don’t bend the prongs. Don’t pull the delicate wires out; pull gently on the white connector.

Additional information

Weight .044 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 7 in
Barcode GTIN


3 reviews for Extra Lithium LFP Battery

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    Mr. Partridge, Thanks for sharing those comments and photos! We’ll see if we can include the photos or a link to them in a future newsletter (https://wi-rb.com/newsletter/).

  2. T David partridge (verified owner)

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    I have used the SailTimer for two seasons and we are very happy with its performance. Due to very limited bulkhead space-we use an Apple iPad mounted inside but visible to our helmsman and sheet trimmers.

    Night Hawk
    Ranger 28

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