Replacement Axle and Wind Cups



New axle-wind cup assembly, introduced in November 2019 for the Wind Instrument RB™. Also fits all previous models. Stainless steel axle and miniature ball bearings for long life even in constant high winds. Smooth, silent rotation. Maintenance-free.

Wind cups, high-precision axle and ball bearings are in a single assembly. There is also a tiny magnet in the base of the wind cups for the wind speed sensor.

The Wind Instrument is designed to be disassembled easily. If you have the Wind Instrument RB, since Nov. 2019 it has no C-shaped retaining clip around the base of the cups, so the old cups can be pried up with a thin flatblade screwdriver or knife blade. This is quick and easy, and could be done yourself. Put a drop of superglue on the new axle (and bushing if needed) before press-fitting back into the hole.

For older models with a black C-shaped retaining clip around the base of the cups, follow these disassembly instructions. We also have a $45 service option, if you prefer to send in your Wind Instrument for this disassembly and installation.  Add this when ordering the cups if you want us to send back your Wind Instrument with the new wind cups and axle installed.

The box is shipped inside a larger corrugated box since the cups sometimes get crushed during shipping if a smaller box is used. With FedEx Air Express, the delivery time is usually only about 2 days, although there may be a slight delay with shipping because it is new and we are just getting it in stock. You’ll receive a tracking number by email when the package is sent.

Additional information

Weight .024 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 7 in

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