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Solar-powered and wireless. Replaceable battery. Ships within two days. A FedEx tracking number is emailed to you when the package goes out.

The home page has a short product summary and there is a list of features and innovations. This new model was launched at the Miami Boat Show with an overview in the Strictly Sail boat show guide. The ingenious design of the battery nose cone is also illustrated in this YouTube overview


Get the most advanced technology in 24 small monthly payments. Order in two easy steps. (1) Get subscription with 23 automatic monthly payments with credit card, debit card or Paypal:

(2) When you return to this page Add to Cart below to order the first month and delivery to your location:

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Includes:  Wind Instrument, short instruction sheet, marine-grade stainless steel 9″ (23 cm) Mounting Rod, four 3/4-inch #8 stainless steel screws, and four pairs of stainless #8 machine screws (3/4-inch) & lock nuts.  Replaceable lithium battery in the nose cone comes with a full charge so you can start using it right away.

Accessories:  extra battery(s)battery charger with LCD displayspecial mounting bracketsAir Link for NMEA wiring.

A receipt is emailed to you a few seconds after submitting your purchase.  Prices are shown in US dollars, but your credit card provider will convert to the same value if you use a different currency.

We deliver to all countries.  The rates for different countries are on the panel where you enter your address. Ships from Canada.  There are two components to this price: the Wind Instrument hardware ($250) and cloud services ($300) for the Wind Instrument (both required).  This way, any customs duty, tax and fees are only on the package that gets delivered.  $250 is the value on the customs documents on the package.  Another way we are lowering costs.

We always try to ship with FedEx for speed, and have lower prices than airmail that way because of our volumes. But we have to send by airmail if you use a post box.

By ordering, you confirm that you agree with our fascinating End-User License Agreement. You also agree to make payment in full, to a $20 service fee per missed payment, and to update payment arrangements if your credit/debit card changes. If you cancel or stop making the installment payments agreed to, any collection and legal fees may be added to your balance. These terms can change without notice.

We are sailors too, and stand behind our products with easy returns and a 2-year warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1.54 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 7 in

4 reviews for Wind Instrument RB™ monthly installments

  1. David Brown (verified owner)

    I purchased the Sailtimer wind instrument. It was delivered promptly. I had trouble with the activation and connecting with Bluetooth. The problem was not Sailtimer’s fault. Their support staff gave me some hints to try and I was able to connect and start using the wind instrument. So far it works as advertised. I’m looking forward to using all of the features. David Brown

  2. Tom Snow (verified owner)

    Delivered on time, as soon as I get the mast up I will be reviewing it.
    Everything looks awesome so far.

  3. Customer Service (store manager)

    Sergio, Thank you for providing valuable feedback. We try to keep the instructions short and sweet, so there is a 1-page Quick Start sheet included in the box. There are also FAQs on the menu above, and other links to Features, Innovations, Technical Specs and Newsletter topics on the menu at the bottom of this page. Our head office location is now on the Contact page at your suggestion. The website provides a lot of documentation, but if something needs to be clarified, please feel free to email Tech Support on the Contact link above. Happy sailing.

  4. Sergio (verified owner)

    I was very happy with the service. Usually the SailTimer team would respond to questions within 2 hrs. Once the instrument is setup and with the correct software versions it’s pretty cool. Also, the fact that this can be paid for in installments is amazing!

    There are a few things that could be improved like:
    1) The web sites. They don’t seem very professionally made and I was feeling a little insecure that this whole thing would be a scam because there was no address displayed for the company
    2) I wasn’t aware that a new version of the API software needed to be downloaded and the version that was required, for the version of the instrument I had, wasn’t generally available yet
    3) The battery charge indicator on the API never seems to show full charge even if the solar cells are left charging the batteries for days in the sun
    4) Maybe a longer windex would help keep the instrument pointing to the wind without as much game
    5) Lastly, there were very few instructions and they wouldn’t mention things like the fact that the device doesn’t need to be linked/paired via device bluetooth settings.

    I haven’t used it on the boat yet but so far looks like it will meet expectations.

  5. Christin (verified owner)

    😀 Great customer service. I have my SailTimer mounted on mast head of my Allied Princess. It worked great until it did not one day. My iPad could not read the windvane I emailed SailTimer and they sent me a few things check. It still would not work so I climbed the mast. The charging light was not blinking and there was water in the tail. As I was removing from my mast it dropped/ splashed 50 ft into Davy Jones Locker when I fumbled it. ☹️ Big oops. Reminder to self tie it to a string to it before removing.
    I emailed SailTimer with the bad news of the water in the tail and big splash it took.
    SailTimer replied “No Problem”. They still covered it under warranty with the latest and greatest model. Go SailTimer. Winning customer service. Everyone in my Marina is hearing about how they replaced it.

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